Me Time Monday-Birthday Edition

Over the weekend I celebrated my 36th birthday. Of course, it’s difficult to really celebrate on so little sleep (little Bean decided for the second night in a row he needed a 3 hour break from sleeping in the middle of the night) but we tried. We went to breakfast, we went to the farmer’s market, and we went to dinner. In addition, we went to the new LUSH store that opened near us. I’d tried Lush body washes (my DH bought me a couple last year for my birthday) and really liked the one (the other didn’t smell as good to me b/c of my pregnancy nose) and used it frequently. I wanted to go because I’d never been and it would be nice to actually smell the products rather than relying on online descriptions. Plus it was my birthday.

We went in and the first thing I will say is that I like the layout of the store, it was open and easy to navigate, which now that I have an infant in tow is a major plus. Also, we were not bombarded with scents- refreshing for a place that sells body washes, lotions and such. My husband is really scent sensitive and it didn’t bother him.  I was next overwhelmed by one of the pushiest salespeople ever. You’d think I was on a used car lot. One thing I will say is that pushy salespeople push me (and my money) out the door. Letting me know you’re available if I have questions = good. Invading my personal space and talking my ear off every time I look at a product = bad. Thankfully some young, skinny childless girls walked in and I was freed to explore.

I didn’t get a chance to explore the whole shop, but what I did look at was great. I was really impressed  with the variety, but also worried about how all these different scents would work together. I’m used to using body wash and lotion that are similar scents and wondered why they didn’t seem to offer several items in the same scents.

I ended up getting a nice present of 4 items: A small (3.3 oz) It’s Raining Men body wash (I have the medium size of Happy Hippy and it will take me 5 years to finish it off, so the smaller size is much nicer) a small Ocean Salt face & body scrub, a jar of Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and the major splurge-a jar of Creme Anglaise body lotion.

I have to say that I am exceedingly impressed with everything I got. The body wash smelled good in the store, but after lathering it up in the shower I know I made a great choice. The scent was so divine I look forward to taking showers just to use it. It also left my skin very clean, yet soft feeling. I used the Ocean Salt scrub on my face in the shower. It gently exfoliated and deeply moisturized my skin so well that after my shower my skin felt so nourished I could have foregone a separate moisturizer. The Creme Anglaise is worth every penny of its price tag. First, there is a boatload of it in the tub and it smooths skin excellently. When I first applied it I was worried about the scent, it was very spicy-sweet but it softens down to a uniquely sensual scent. Finally there is the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter-a thick butter that left my skin and cuticles better than they have ever been before. It’s also a very lemony scent, as if you’re inside a lemon. I didn’t have to worry about the scents conflicting. It seems that all the products (at least everything I purchased) layer well together rather than having clashing scent notes.

I have to admit, I’m really sold on LUSH stuff. After my hit and miss body washes last year I thought I’d like the stuff well enough, but I never thought I’d love it as much as I do. I plan to return soon for more lovelies to pamper myself with. I’d really like to try their face moisturizer and cosmetics (especially their new mascara) next. I only hope that the shop girl is distracted the next time I go to shop.

What do you think? Have you tried LUSH products? Do you love them? Hate them? What is your favorite product?


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