Why We Went Disposable

I’ve often been asked that since I view myself as fairly eco-friendly and crunchy why didn’t I opt for using cloth diapers with my Bean (this is especially asked more since our new endeavor of trying to be even more eco-friendly as a family). I’d mentioned earlier, in my reviews of gDiapers that I chose that brand because I felt they were a nice hybrid between cloth and disposable options, but that they just weren’t working for us as much as I’d hoped. Yes, part of the decision was based on convenience, but it was also based on practicality. For as hippie, dancing naked in the woods under the full moon that I am, I am also a practical, sensible person as well.

The major factors in why we went disposable are as follows:

  • Convenience-due to familiarity and no need for washing, etc, disposables are far more convenient for us. Plus I just wasn’t up to training my DH on cloth diapering. Also, time is a factor. I barely get time to wash our clothes nowadays let alone trying to find time to wash a load of nappies. Basically, I’d probably run out of diapers before I got a chance to wash, which was a problem I was having with the gDiapers as well.
  • Practicality-see above. Also, the cost of the eco-friendly disposables we use is on par (or less) than other disposables and cloth diapers when you account for all the upkeep and start-up for cloth diapering.
  • Ick factor- I’m a Virgo, we naturally don’t like messy things. All my experience (my experience mind you, not others’) is that cloth diapers are more prone to leaks and thus have higher ick factor
  • Environmental impact-Now before people jump on me about how cloth diapering is a billion kajillion times more eco-friendly than disposables and landfills and such, let me remind you-I live in the desert. I live in a state whose annual rainfall for the past 5 years hasn’t gotten above about 2 inches. Washing laundry takes up a lot of water that my environment doesn’t have. And if I were to use a diaper service I run the risk of even more environmental impact with trucks, chemicals, etc. Using a eco-friendly diaper (such as the Honest diapers we use) just seems to have less environmental impact to me. I’m not against using cloth diapers per se, but at this point in my life the environmental impact between the eco-conscious disposables we use and cloth diapers is neutral at best.

So, some people say I’m not as crunchy as I think I am. Well, that’s their opinion, and they can have it. I do what I can to be eco-friendly to the best of my ability. And we’re working to be even more eco-friendly now by removing the chemicals from our home and making our own cleaning products. In addition, I have been using reusable wipes lately, and I really like them. While I still believe that going all cloth would be a major drain on water, the disposable wipes don’t take as much resources to use (because they are far less soiled and I can incorporate them into a normal wash cycle) as going full cloth diaper.


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