Wittlebee Wednesday

Last week I received my July (my second) Wittlebee box. Wittlebee is a monthly subscription service of children’s clothes. As I mentioned in my previous post, You create a style profile for your wee one and a Wittlebee stylist creates a box for your child based on those choices and any specific style notes you entered for the stylist.
My first Wittlebee box was awesome, we chose size 3-6 months, even though our little guy was only 2 months old because he is a long baby and already wearing 6 month clothes for the length. But Bean outgrew the 2 coolest onesies (a Batman one and a Star Wars one) fairly quickly and that made me and hip papa sad pandas.

Because I wanted to have clothes last a little longer, I chose 6-12 months for month two. We received another very cool box (see pics below) and the value of the items was about double and a half the $39.99 price tag for the Wittlebee box. Unfortunately, I can’t see my using many of the items we received. Bean pretty much lives in onesies. With frequent diaper changes and such, I probably will never put him in separates like shirts and shorts, no matter how cute they are while these items would still fit him. In addition, sizing missed the mark for us again, only this time on the opposite side-most of the items are far too baggy for Bean as well. I tried putting him in a pair of the shorts and they are for a much chunkier baby, despite being perfect in length. So for month three I am sending along style notes that are more specific that Bean needs items hovering around the 6-9 size mark and onesies are most welcome of all clothing.

Pros of Wittlebee:

  • convenience-especially if you don’t like to shop
  • designer clothes for non-designer price tag
  • variety
  • you get new clothes as your child continually outgrows them
  • can suspend a month if necessary
  • fun/surprise element
  • giftable in one-three-six etc month packages

Cons of Wittlebee:

  • sizing can be tricky if your child is not average size for age
  • no discrete choices-what you get is up to your stylist
  • no ability to choose all of one type of item (i.e. all onesies, all tees etc)
  • they are currently implementing a new system, so shipping was slow for July
  • you may not get stuff you like/can use
  • no gender neutral option for boxes, they are standard boy or girl only
  • only 6-8 items per box will probably not be all the clothes you’ll need, you will probably need to supplement with other clothes

Will I stick with Wittlebee? Yes. I enjoy getting the surprise package each month and I’m hoping I can get the sizing issues worked out. Wittlebee boxes are $39.99 a month.

All items purchased by me. All opinions my own.


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