Me Time Monday

My husband and I have worked out a pretty good system of taking care of our newborn with relatively few meltdowns. Not that he is prone to them, it’s mainly me.  I am with Ben 24 hours a day pretty much. I have to be, since I’m breastfeeding and my supply isn’t enough to nurse AND pump. Now some people may be fine being tied to their babies all the time and not being away from them at all. I love Bean, I love being with him, but mommy needs a break. Just a little each day where she’s not beholden to the baby or the household chores. And taking a shower and using the bathroom doesn’t cut it.

So in the early morning, after nursing (somewhere between 5 and 7 AM) when Bean falls back asleep, I go downstairs and leave him with daddy. I come down, I make coffee and drink a cup, and check email, play online and such. I usually get an hour in the morning. When daddy comes home, he’s on duty while I make dinner and I get to eat a meal with out having to tend to the baby mid-bite. Then after the evening nursing session I go upstairs and read a bit,  do my nails, journal, or sometimes just pass out and get a jump on rest before the next nursing session. My husband does some floor time and playtime with Bean, and gets him to sleep. I’m a morning person, hubby is a night owl, so staying up is normal for him. He & Bean usually stay up (or at least downstairs) a little longer than I naturally would, so this works out. They come up in time for the first night nursing session. Mommy gets about 1-3 hours of sleep depending, and some me-time. Overnight we share the duties-I nurse, he changes and gets Bean back to sleep.

This schedule helps me to not get overwhelmed, and to not be resentful that he goes away for 10 hours a day and I’m alone with Bean and trying to juggle him and doing things like laundry, dishes, etc. I’m extremely lucky that my DH helps with the baby. I know not all women are as lucky.

Being able to have this little time to myself has helped me immensely. I think it’s important for me physically and mentally. It gives me a little time to myself to get in touch with me, the me I was (and still am) before I was mommy. I need to nurture this part of me since it’s been pushed to the back burner most of the time now.

Each Monday I’m going to try to post something that is about me, and not the baby or parenting. It may just be pictures of my manicure, or if I actually did my makeup, maybe I’ll post an eye of the day (EOTD.) It may be fitness related. But something that is relevant to the me I was, and still am, before I had a baby.

For today, it’s nails. I am no manicurist. I don’t know anything about how to treat my cuticles or such, I just like wearing pretty colors.
The mani below was done using Mari Moon Hits “Trendy” which is a multi-chrome polish. It changes color depending on light or angle from green to gold and sometimes a teal/aqua sheen. Pictures don’t do it justice. Metallic and duo/multichrome colors are unforgiving in application, they show brush strokes and any imperfections that may occur.


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