Initial Impressions: Wittlebee Clothing Delivery Service

I rarely click on Facebook ads but this one for Wittlebee caught my eye and I wanted to see what it was. After going to their website I discovered that Wittlebee is a customized clothing delivery service for children newborn to 5T. You create an account, choose preferences and each month you’ll receive a customized box based on your choices. I gave it a couple weeks of thought before I joined. I was a little concerned about spending $40 a month on clothes that Bean would outgrow rather fast. And then I thought “exactly. Bean will outgrow clothes so fast that isn’t getting new stuff that fits him every month what I’m doing now anyway?” I weighed the options, sure clothes at other places may be less expensive, if I shop the sales, but do I really *like* the stuff I’m seeing in the stores? Not really. Occasionally I run across something just so cute I have to have it for the three and a half second that Bean will fit in it, but too often, the stuff that I like for Bean isn’t in the stores that I can afford, like Tea and Luca Charles. Wittlebee’s goal is to send you a box that values about or over $100.00, for $39.99 a month and shipping is always free.

I signed up on June 1st, using a coupon code that saved me $10 on my first box, so it was $29.99 for my first trial. I filled out the style profile for Bean:

  •  Size: 3-6 M
  • Clothing Style: Casual, Hipster
  • Graphics: Patterns/Plaids, Stripes
  • Favorite Colors: Blue, Green, Black
  • Styles needed: Shirts, Onesies, Shorts
  • Climate: Hot Summer Days
  • Stylist: No, I’ll add my own style notes.
  • Child’s Gender: Boy
  • Name: “Bean”
  • Child’s Age: 0-6M

Yes, I chose “hipster” for my child. Don’t stone me. In addition to this information, you can send personal messages to your stylist, who works on your box. I let our stylist know that we were geeky/hippie folks who liked video games and that Bean loves listening to the Star Wars and Harry Potter soundtracks. I also let the stylist know that Bean is a long guy, so some onsies tend to be too short for him. I love that I can tell the stylist this stuff.

Wittlebee charges you when you order, not when it ships, which I like for accounting purposes. I received my box on June 11 via USPS. From June 2-8 my box was paid, processing, and packing. It shipped on June 8th. Wittlebee ships from California, so the closer you are, the faster your box will arrive.

So what was in the box? Here’s the photo evidence:

So what are my initial impressions? I love it. Just the Star Wars onesie has me sold b/c I am such a Star Wars nerd. The Batman and Dr. Seuss onesies are also a huge win in my family. My husband loved the box too, he says for what we received, it was very cost efficient, even at the non-discounted price, so we’ll keep subscribing (and this is the man who grumbles about the grocery bill.) I can tell that the items are high quality and will outlast Bean (he is such a rough & tumble 6 week old, lol.) The brands in this box included Old Navy, Luca Charles, Tea and more. I’ll write a formal and detailed review after we receive another box, but I wanted to share my initial impressions of my first box.

If you are interested in Wittlebee, you can email me at and I can send you a referral link that will save you $10 off your first box if you join. Full disclosure: Referrals earn you credits on future boxes, so if I send you a referral and you join, I will receive a credit on a future box.


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  1. August 1, 2012 at 9:17 PM

    […] box. Wittlebee is a monthly subscription service of children’s clothes. As I mentioned in my previous post, You create a style profile for your wee one and a Wittlebee stylist creates a box for your child […]

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