Review: gDiapers with Disposable Inserts

When researching all the wonderful things to purchase to prepare for baby, I knew that diapers were going to be a large part of my existence as a mom. Being the tree-hugger that I am (you did see all the tie-dye, right?) I knew I wanted an environmentally friendly diaper. In addition, I have a chip on my shoulder about traditional diapers because really, who needs a diaper that keeps your baby dry for 12 hours? If you’re not changing a diaper more frequently than every 12 hours (or don’t want to) there are some serious issues there.

I don’t want my baby sitting in a soaking diaper leading to rashes and irritation, but neither do I want a diaper that keeps my child so dry that I’ll have issues with toilet training later because my child has never felt the discomfort of a soiled nappy.

Many people suggested cloth diapers to me for their supposed environmental-friendliness, but when you factor in all the water and soap usage to clean them, they aren’t any better than disposables in terms of environmental safety. Plus I don’t want to wash them myself and I can’t afford a service. I also live in the desert and all that washing would be more detrimental to the environment in which I live.

There are many options for environmentally friendly diapers these days, but something about gDiapers caught my eye. Probably those cute little gPants in all those colors. A family member got me the gDiapers newborn bundle pack for a shower gift. The newborn pack comes with 12 tiny gPants, 6 small gPants and 80 disposable inserts. Our little one wasn’t so little at birth, and then spent 7 days in the NICU, so by the time we brought him home we only had about 4-5 days where the tiny gPants fit our Bean. He started looking uncomfortable in them so we switched to the small gPants, which seemed a little too large for our long skinny guy. At first things worked really well, we had pre-loaded the inserts into all the gPants that we had (the 6 we got with the newborn bundle and an additional 6 that we purchased at Babies R Us.) And diapering was fairly straight forward. The gDiapers site recommends 6 gPants, but we had double that amount and always seemed to run out. Because our Bean was between sizes, occasionally he leaked outside the pad. Our guy also has a habit of large bowel movements which led the gPants needing to be washed more frequently. Even when he grew into the small gPants, we still had this problem. The disposable inserts also bunched up on him in between his legs and leg to more leaks. Our Bean also  doesn’t like even a hint of a soiled diaper, so we ended up going through 120 inserts in the first week we were using the gDiapers.


  • Environmentally friendly design: disposable inserts are biodegradable, flushable (with a little extra work) and compostable (urine only)
  • Cutest little reusable gPants come in a variety of colors and designs
  • Now available at Babies R Us, which often has sales and coupons
  • A nice hybrid of reusable and disposable for those who want the convenience of disposable with the green impact of reusable diapers
  • Easy to use (in theory)
  • Velcro tabs attach in the back so little hands can’t undo them
  • Due to the reusable nature of the gPants, they could be used through more than one baby


  • Although adjustable, gPants may not quite fit your little one well
  • Due to the inserts, there is potential for them bunching up and causing leaks
  • gPants need to be washed, so you need a decent stockpile of them so you don’t run out
  • Can be inconvenient to have to put an insert into a gPant in the middle of a diaper change, and could be much worse if you have a squirmy baby, the video on the website make it look easy, but it was not that easy for either of us to put the inserts into the gPants
  • Hard to line up the Velcro (since it’s in back) especially during nighttime changing in the dark
  • May not be cost efficient for families with babies who are sensitive to soiled diapers, since unlike traditional diapers, gDiapers don’t promise dryness for 12 hours at a time
  • The gPants with the inserts are bulky and take up a lot of space in the diaper bag and were so padded some of our Bean’s onesies wouldn’t snap over them

I wanted to love gDiapers, I really did. I still like them a lot and would love to use them in the future. We used them for 3 weeks and started exploring other options because we were going through inserts so quickly and it was costly. In addition, we found that they just weren’t as convenient as we would have liked. Because Bean is an odd size, we were always making them too tight or too loose, and because of our little one’s um, emissions, he often exploded outside the disposable insert causing a lot of the gPants to require washing and we’d end up down to one or two pairs of gPants to use while waiting for laundry to finish. Moreover, it  seems that our little one hated the sound of Velcro.

Would I recommend gDiapers? Yes, I would still recommend them. They didn’t work for us, but the idea and design is sound, just not for our guy. I loved the hybrid style and nothing is cuter than Bean’s little bum in those gPants. Ultimately, when we run out of inserts we’ll not be buying more gDiapers inserts, but I would consider purchasing them in the future if our Bean weren’t long & skinny and was more traditional in size and shape.

picture from gDiapers website

Seriously, how cute is this?


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